Noor Al Bayan Quran

Course Title: Noor Al Bayan Quran
Category: Children
Levels: 4

Course Description:  

Noor Al Bayan Quran Course

The Noor Al-Bayan Quran Course is an online course that helps both kids and non-native adult Muslims read the Arabic language and recite the Holy Quran correctly.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following points:
•   What Is The Content Of Noor Al Bayan?
•   When you will need it?
•   What Are The Benefits Of Noor Al-Bayan Online Class?

What Is The Content Of Noor Al Bayan?

•   Unit 1: Arabic alphabets with their shapes and forms.
•   Unit 2: Mudood (Alef, Woow, Yaa’). Mudood means extending and lengthening the sounds of the letter.
•   Unit 3: Sukoon.
•   Unit 4: Tanween with Fatha, Kasra, and Dammah.
•   Unit 5: Shaddah where it shows how shaddah comes with Fatha, Kasra, and dammah.
There are two other units that teach you how to read and recite the Quran.
Additionally, the book provides too many exercises that help you to master each units.

When you will need it

Before we start it, we make a placement test for the student and then see whether he needs it or not sure we have professional teachers able to know his level.

 What Are the Benefits of Noor Al-Bayan Online Class?

In this online class you’ll be able to:
1.  Learn the fundamentals of reading the Arabic text in the Quran in the correct way.
2.  Attaining the beginner’s level skills of reading in a short time with an effective yet easy way of learning.
3.  Exercise what you learn gradually with exercises that instill ease and fluency in your Quran reading.
Interact with a verified instructor during the course hours to monitor your reading and guide you to the right way of reading

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