Fiqah (Islamic jurisprudence)

Course Title: Fiqah (Islamic jurisprudence)
Category: Islamic
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Fiqah (Islamic jurisprudence) Tahfeez AL-Qur’an courses


What is Islamic jurisprudence?

It is one of the most important branches in Islam and  linguistically it means the  deep understanding or full comprehension. Technically, it is an Islamic law that is extracted from the Islamic sources which are Qur’an and Sunnah of prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). Basically, it deals with moral and social legislation in Islam and the observation of the Islamic law.

What do we offer?

We provide you with the best teachers that can teach you the principles of Islamic Jurisprudence with its all different branches like Fiqah Al Ibadat and Al-Muamalat.

We can teach you Fiqah Al Ibadat which includes the practical rules of the Muslims and their dealings with Allah. For example, purification, Prayer, zakat, fasting, Hajj and everything includes them.

Fiqah Al Muamalt  (Fiqah of transaction) and it includes also the practical rules that govern Muslims relations with each other. For example, the civil rulings, family jurisprudence like marriage and divorce, relations between the ruler and the ruled, international relations, economic ruling, contracts , buying and selling, usury, loans, settlements, companies and other multiple sub-topics.

There are levels for beginners and advanced students.

There will be assessments and the soft copies will be with you after every session. 

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