Payment of the course is required after the first class.

It is not allowed to send fees after more than one week or the classes will be stopped just to make sure that the student is serious  about his classes and attendance.

Attendance and Absence for both student and teacher ;

The teacher should be on time and if he joined late he should add his lateness time at the end of the class 

Teacher should send feedback after each class 

In case that  the main teacher is going to not join the class so another teacher will attend the class instead of him so the student wont miss any of his classes

If the Student joined late teacher wont add the missing time as the teacher was on time not late 


– Make up classes

.A student can request a make up class if he/she is not able to attend his/her regular class .

.To get the make up class a student must inform us at least    2   hours earlier in case he/she will not attend his/her class so we can inform our teacher not to attend because if teacher attended we pay him/her for that class even if the  student is absent  .

. No make ups if student did not inform us at least    2  hours earlier .

.All the make ups are to be done at the same Monthly package , NO delay for the next package or Month .

.We don’t offer more than  3 make ups in a package or Month .

-Communications and coordination

support members are responsible for the contact between students and our teachers .

so there is no direct contact between students and teachers at any way WhatsApp , phones or emails etc.


.All refunds are to be made within 30 days after receiving notice from customer
.Fees are deducted from the refunds
.A Student drops the course before he/she starts or after 3 classes a full (100 %) money back is to be made to student.
.No refunds after more than 3 classes

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