Magic in islam and its types

One of the greatest taboos and the most severe of sins is what has spread among people today from falling into witchcraft and being lenient in that either out of ignorance or persistence in committing sin despite the knowledge of its prohibition and its danger.

Some forms and their things are from the jinn and mankind.
Witchcraft is forbidden in all the religions of the messengers, may blessings and peace be upon them… and it is an abomination and polytheism because it can only be reached through the devils and by drawing close to them and worshiping them besides God..
It is not permissible for you to learn magic and not to engage in it.

The Almighty said: “: the blasphemers Were, not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men Magic, and such things as came down at babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (Such things) without saying: “We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme.” He, may God bless him and grant him peace, made him one of the great of the great sins.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Keep away from the seven fatalities.” It was asked: “What are they, O Messenger of Allah?” He (ﷺ) replied, “Associating anything with Allah in worship (i.e., committing an act of Shirk), sorcery, killing of one whom Allah has declared inviolable without a just cause, devouring the property of an orphan, the eating of usury (Riba), fleeing from the battlefield and accusing chaste believing women, who never even think of anything touching their chastity.”
The magician is killed for infidelity and does not repent for the words of the scholars.
On the authority of Jundub, with a chain of transmission traceable back to the Prophet, he said: “The magician had a sword strike.” [Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi 1460, who said that on the authority of Jundub he was suspended, and this is acted upon by some of the scholars among the companions of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and others.
Sahih al-Bukhari on the authority of Abdu said: “Umar ibn al-Khattab wrote: Kill every sorcerer and witch,” but his killing is entrusted to the Imam according to the legitimate interest.

The reality of the magic:
to know the reality of the magic, a reality that exists and it has an effect on people’s motives.
So, magic: it is a contract, paper, and words that the magician speaks or writes. To do something in the body of the bewitched, or his mind, indirectly to him.

And witchcraft has a reality, for some of it kills, and some of it gets sick, and so on, and it does not happen except with the permission of God Almighty: And they are not harmful to anyone except by God’s permission {Al-Baqarah: 102}, and the Most High said: Say, “I seek refuge with Allah.” And from the evil of the jets in knots (Al-Falaq: 1-4), meaning the sorcerers who knot in their magic and blow on it, and if it were not for it, it is true; When God commanded to seek refuge from him

Types of magic:
1) 1) The magic of separation, also called “Al-Sarf” in which God Almighty said: (they learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife)
2) The magic of love, also called “kindness”, which is what magicians claim that he loves a man to a woman and a woman to her husband.
3) The magic of imagination, such as seeing the fixed thing in motion and the moving thing still.

And all of this is from disbelief, polytheism and misguidance and they are not harmful to anyone except by God’s permission.”
Some people have we ask ALLAH to guide them, they think that witches are in their hands, and harma also , and that is disbelief in God Almighty.
But you should think in one thing which is “the benefit and harm are in the hands of ALLAH Almighty”.