The best 10 Islamic stories for kids

The best 10 Islamic stories for kids

Some benefits of stories and reading to children:

1. Strengthening bonds with the child

2. arouse curiosity, imagination and communication

3. Expand their vocabulary

4. Encouraging creativity

6. Arouse a child’s love of reading ect...

Some books you can bake to it:

1-kitab qisas al’anbia’ abn kathir

2-qisas alianbia’ liabn jarir altabr

3- kisas al hyawan in the quran

1-The story of Adam

The very narrations of the creation of Adam (AS) contain within them important takeaways for us to ponder upon. We all know the story of Adam and Eve being sent down to Earth for eating the forbidden fruit because of the whispers of the devil. This short story, however, is a different one yet holds an important lesson for us to remember. Amongst them is the virtue of being grateful to our Lord, which is crucial in our life.

2. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Seeking Knowledge

first revelation that Allah s.w.t. revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the commandment for his people to seek knowledge, through the spirit of “Iqra”.

When Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received his first revelation in Hira’ Cave through angel Jibril, he was asked to “iqra”, which means read. Astounded, he replied, “I am not literate.” He was asked two more times to read, but he answered again, that he could not read. After that, angel Jibril conveyed the revelation: “Read in the name of your Lord Who created

Iqra” is a command to read the signs that God has placed in the world so that all of us can understand something of His Wisdom and Mercy. It is a command to learn, through experience and understanding. And as humans continue seeking knowledge, always remember never to be arrogant with the knowledge that we have acquired.

4. Prophet Yunus (AS) – Being steadfast when facing hardships

have you been faced with a situation that you see no way of getting out of? Do you look at the issues that the world is facing today, and wonder how they can ever be solved? The timeless story of Prophet Yunus teaches us that there is always a way out as long as we have faith.

5. Prophet Ayub (AS) – Being patient even with the most difficult life challenge

Life is full of challenges and nobody is free from hardship. Even the prophets and messengers were tested with trials and tribulations such as loss of wealth, health and loved ones The story of Prophet Ayub’s resilience, perseverance and patience in dealing with Allah’s tribulations is one of the many stories recorded in the Quran

6. Prophet Yusuf (AS) – Remaining patient and faithful even when facing trials after trials

 here is much to learn from the story of Prophet Yusuf, as he is an example of an afflicted believer who remained patient and faithful to his God.

7. Prophet Sulaiman (AS) – Trials of wealth and worldly success

Prophet Sulaiman was one of the prophets who was rich and granted a glorious kingdom to rule. He also had the ability to know the language of animals and during one time, there lived an ant. The ant had some of the best qualities such as helpfulness and was always putting the needs of her kingdom above her own.

8. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) – The Greatest Sacrifice

When Ibrahim was sent to be a messenger for the people of his town, they rejected his words and continued praying to their idols made of wood and stones. Once, there was an annual festival in the town where the King went out with all his people to celebrate. The Prophet then went to the temple to demolish all the idols, except for the largest one. When they found out about what happened, they wanted to punish him by burning him alive in a fire.

9-The story of Noah)As) the long call

Noah – upon him be peace – is considered the first messenger sent to people, and he is one of the men of determination among the messengers. He stayed in calling his people to the Oneness of God for a thousand years minus fifty years.

10-The story of Yunus(As), the return to ALLah

God sent His Prophet Yunus to a people calling them to unite ALLah, but they did not respond to his call, so what was Jonah – except that he left the village of his people without permission from his Lord, so he boarded one of the ships, so the winds became intense during the sailing of the ship, and he feared that those in it would drown. And they began to get rid of the baggage they had with them, but the situation did not change, so they decided to throw one of them.