Memorize Quran in one year

To memorize the Quran in one year, we must be patient to complete the task

1- preparing a Quran memorization schedule more manageable by breaking it into smaller tasks.
We should make a plan to memorize the quran in an easy way by dividing it into smaller tasks

2- Set up a study space where you can concentrate on memorizing the Quran in peace .We must set up a study space to concentrate on memorizing the Quran

3- Make a timetable for memorizing the Quran and make a list of your objectives.
To maintain our enthusiasm, we can make a list of our objectives by using applications to keep remembering the dates which help us memorize the Quran.

4-To ensure a consistent Hifz program schedule, enroll in online Quran sessions. To memorize and understand very well, we should enroll in online sessions.

5- Learn the Quran quickly and easily with the help of an online Quran instructor. By helping online Quran instructors we will learn the Quran with Tajweed rules more easily and efficiently.

6- Never give up on learning the Quran.
If we feel bored some days we don’t give up and we must seek the help of a friend to encourage us to complete our mission.

7-To make your Quran memorizing mission faster,you can get help professional Quran instructor and you will be a professional in Quran recitation.

8-Best time to memorize Quran and best way to understand Quran in early morning,After fajr prayer, the mind is serene and has a high-capability to absorb information so we should memorize the Quran at this time here,you will know to by heart quran easily.