How To Learn Arabic Language To Understand Quran?

The first step to start learning Quranic Arabic you should first start learning some Arabic and you can do it, I will tell you how to learn Quranic Arabic step by step if you spend 10 minutes daily learning Quranic words or studying one page every day. it will take about 4 months to finish one chapter, And you will be able to understand the Arabic language.

The first thing to do is start with books made for kids, beginners, and adults to teach you the right pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and how to spell words and alphabets when they are combined. From these books, you will learn the alphabet, the right pronunciation of each letter, the rules of pronunciation, short vowels, and long vowels.

There are also many online resources like books, courses, and YouTube videos to help you learn Arabic, and After you have finished learning how to read Arabic, the right pronunciation of each letter, and the right reading of Arabic words, then comes to the next step, which is to start reading Quran.

Tips to understand Quran:-

The First step to understanding the Quran is learning Tajweed.

The second step to understanding the Quran is studying Grammar. It is considered one of the most important sciences to be learned in the Arabic language, which helps us to increase the understanding of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an well and correctly.

The Third step to understanding the Quran is  studying Quran-specific Terminology from the moment of its revelation and Know letters and sounds and their correct way out.

And to make it easier for you start with easy surahs, the goal from it to encourage yourself to keep going especially for beginners, and don’t rush yourself learn slowly and be patient, and try to find your favorite surah, Another thing that will encourage you is to read your favorite surah, some people prefer to read Surah Yaseen and other surahs.

Listen to your favorite Quran reciter, to learn the tajweed rules better and be able to read without making any mistakes you should listen to a reciter and read after him. The prophet’s peace and blessing be upon him said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari).