Best age to memorize Quran?

The most important step towards achieving the dream of memorizing the Quran is setting a goal whatever your age. Fajr time is the best time to recite the Quran, reading the Quran at night is of great importance. This is the best time when the angels see you reading the Holy Quran. Most Muslims want to know the best age order to memorize the Qur’an to raise their children as memorizers from an early age, they want their morals, habits, and mentalities to be shaped according to the Quran.

it is not possible to say an exact number for the best age to memorize Quran but nowadays, with the development of technology, children, and adults can use this technology for their benefit in understanding and memorizing the Quran.

The best time to memorize Quran and the best way to understand Quran is in the early morning, after fajr prayer, the mind is serene and has a high capacity to absorb information so we should memorize the Quran at this time here, you will know to by heart Quran and easily.

The best age to memorize Quran is, Children as young as three to four years have memorized the Quran. Typically, children 6 years of age are perfectly ready to memorize the Quran, Children memorize the Quran faster than adults.

kids can Hifz Quran online and to make your Quran memorizing mission faster, you can get help professional Quran instructor who will be a professional in Quran recitation we should provide our children with a serene learning environment that will help them to memorize the Quran.

There are steps to make it easier for children to memorize the Quran -:

1-Let them read first and continue with repetition until they have memorized it.

2- Begin memorizing word by word and repeat an ayah word for word at least 5 to 6 times for them before they have it memorized.

3- Use audio aid for pronunciation to help them pronounce correctly.

4- Give them a sense of the rhythm by reading at an age-appropriate rhythm.

5- Use Islamic children’s books to attract their attention and spark their interest in learning the Quran.

6- Stick to daily revision by revising the already memorized one before beginning a new one.

Let’s end all these words with the words of our master Muhammad (PBUH): the Messenger of Allah said: “Indeed, the one who does not have the Quran inside him (his heart), is like the ruined house.”

Reading the Qur’an is a light that guides us to the right path, on the Day of Judgment, let’s stand before Allah with our hearts enlightened by His words.